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1) What are your office hours?

2) How do I get information outside of office hours?

3) What services run on public holidays and weekends?

4) How do I catch a bus?

5) Where do I purchase my ticket?

6) Leaving the bus?

7) Caught the wrong bus?

8) Is smoking or the consumption of alcohol allowed on the buses?

9) Can I take a pram or wheelchair on the Bus?

10) Can I take a bicycle onto the Bus?

11) Can I take a pet or animal onto the bus?

12) What areas are included in the school bus charter service?

13) What are the benefits of organising an event through Christian’s Bus Company?

14) Do you organise bus coach tours for individuals as well as private groups?

15) Do you provide bus tours in Geelong?

16) Do you provide bus hire in Melbourne?

17) Do you go to the snow?

18) What charter services does Christian’s Bus Company offer?

19) Does Christian’s Bus Company offer Interstate Travel?

20) How do I make a bus coach charter booking?


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For private bus charters, school bus charters, bus tours in Geelong, bus coach hire or bus and coach tours in Melbourne or Victoria, please call Christian’s Bus Company 1300 734 441 or submit an online form.